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The Drawings and Reports task includes different windows or views within its interface. You can toggle the display of these windows using commands on the View Menu. The graphic below identifies the main components in the Drawing and Reports task interface.


The Management Console Command organizes the different drawing types into a customizable hierarchy of folders and components that you create. Right-click an item in the Management Console to access Shortcut Menus. The commands available on the Shortcut Menus vary depending on the item and your permissions. Shortcut Menus enable you to manage folders and components in the Management Console. The Management Console only displays in the Drawings task.


The Detail View Command shows the children of the selected item in the Management Console Command. You can select multiple components or documents by pressing CTRL or SHIFT while selecting. To specify the columns in the Detail View Command, right-click a column heading and click More. The Detail View Command is overlaid by other windows depending on the current operation. For example, when reviewing drawings using the Open Command, a 2D viewer displays. When you edit report templates, a tabular editor displays. You can set the appearance of the Detail View Command.


In plant mode, the Workspace Explorer is the tabbed view of systems, assemblies, spaces, and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) items in the software. In addition, there is the Drawings Workspace Explorer which works in the same way as the Drawing Console (see Workspace Explorer in the Common Help).

Another window you use while working in this task is the SmartSketch Drawing Editor window, which displays as a separate application window. It allows you to edit border templates, drawing templates, and backing sheets for all types of drawings.

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