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The following tasks are used to publish documents. If the documents are drawings or reports, the Publish Command publishes a viewable file with links to the data. If publishing a 3D Model Data document, the software creates a Smart Review file and publishes it.

The viewable files created when you publish drawings and reports provide relationship links to the 3D Model Data. You must also publish the 3D Model Data to provide the navigation between the viewable files and the 3D Model Data.

Setting Properties for Publishing

  • For improved data publishing, apply the Guided Schema Customer Schema Extensions (GSCE), available from Smart Support or delivery with SmartPlant Foundation 2019 HF1. See Upgrade Schema.

  • Before using the Publish Command, you should set certain properties on your documents.

  • If you are publishing 3D Model Data documents, set the surface style rules and aspects as needed before publishing.

Creating and Reserving Revision Numbers

You should create your documents by right-clicking them and selecting Create Document(s). After they are created, if you require revision numbers for the documents, use the Revise command to reserve the revision numbers.

Update the Documents

Update the documents, right-click the component and select the appropriate Update command. You can also use Batch > Update Command if you are configured to use a batch server.

Publish Data

If you have registered your model using the SmartPlant Registration Wizard, you can publish your documents for retrieval and use in other tools. You can use the Publish > Update and Publish command to update drawings and publish them in one step. You can also use the SmartPlant > Find Documents to Publish Command to generate a list of documents that need to be published and to publish terminations for deleted drawings, isos, and so on.

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