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The following procedure steps you through adding sheets to an existing report. You can add as many sheets as you like to a report, associate queries to the sheets, and set the layout of each sheet independently.

  1. Right-click a report, and select Edit Template.

    The Report Template Editor displays.

  2. On the Formatting tab, click Design Layout to open the report layout in Microsoft Excel.

  3. You can add a sheet using Excel commands. Right-click an existing sheet and select Insert to insert a new sheet. You can also rename the sheet by right-clicking the new sheet and selecting Rename. For more information on creating new sheets, see your Microsoft Excel documentation.

  4. To populate the new sheet and set its properties, make sure the new sheet is displayed and right-click Report in the Design Layout hierarchy, then select Properties.

    The Report Properties of <SheetName> dialog box displays, showing the layout property settings for the active sheet. For more information, see Report Properties of <SheetName> Dialog Box.

  5. If you want header rows on the new sheet, define them in the Header section. If you want all the sheets in the report to have the same header, check Repeat on every sheet.

  6. Specify custom macros as needed.

  7. Set the Filling Mode as needed.

  8. To populate the active sheet with report query items, select a query in the Report Items Available list and click Add.

    You can also Remove report query items from the active sheet by selecting them in the Report Items on Sheet list and clicking Remove.

    To clear the contents of the active sheet, click Clear All.

  9. Click OK to save the changes to the active sheet. The Report hierarchy for the active sheet now shows the content you specified, and you can drag-and-drop items on the active sheet.

  10. Save your changes to the report template using either File > Save Report Template or File > Save Report Template As. For more information, see Save Report Template (File Menu) and Save Report Template As (File Menu).