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Sets labeling options for the selected item in the Design Layout window in Excel.

Use Labels

Enables the controls on this tab.


Removes the selected Label row.


Specifies a label to place on the report. When you click More in the dropdown list, the Select Label dialog displays, allowing you to select labels from the catalog. When you click New Format in the dropdown list, the Label Editor displays, allowing you to specify a new format for a label. See Label Editor Command in the Drawings and Reports Reference Data Guide.

Any labels you add using the New Format functionality are only available for the current report. They are not available for use in other reports.


Identifies the output of the label on the report. In cases where a returned property from a query has the same name as the label name, you must give a different name for the label.

Is Locked?

Specifies whether the label is locked or not. You can lock cells to prevent changes. For more information about locking cells and protecting data, see the Microsoft Excel Help.


Specifies when the software populates the label and places it on the report. The values for the label trigger are After Query, After Grouping, After Comparison, and After Numbering. For example, if you have a material takeoff (MTO) report, you might want the sum of weights for a group to display on the label. In this case, you will want the label trigger after the grouping of the MTO sections.

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