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Selects a personal report template from the list and runs it. All reports are in Microsoft Excel® format (.xls). You can create and modify report templates in the Drawings and Reports task and save them to the catalog. Set the Personal Report Template option on the Tools > Options > File Locations Tab (Options Dialog Box) to the location of your personal report (.rtp) files.

Available report templates

Lists all of your personal report templates currently available.

File name

Displays a descriptive name for the report output file.


Displays the Select Report dialog so you can open a report template from a different location.

Use Select Set

Specifies that the report only return records associated with the objects in the select set.


Runs the selected report. If the report requires additional input, such as a filter or parameter, the command displays the necessary dialog boxes, such as the Select Filter Dialog Box, Filter Properties Dialog Box, and Report Parameters Dialog Box.

When creating a Catalog filter, filter names are case-sensitive.