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  1. In the Management Console, verify that at least one spreadsheet report component exists. If none exists, add a component for reports.

    Add a package of components

  2. Right-click the spreadsheet report component, and click Create Report on the shortcut menu. For more information, see Create Report (Report Shortcut Menu).

  3. On the Select Report Template dialog box, click a report template, and click OK. The software creates the report document in the Detail View.

    SHARED Tip The software prompts for parameters or a filter if the selected report template requires these inputs.

  4. Right-click the report, and select Edit Template.

    The Report Template Editor displays.

  5. Select Tools > Add Query. The Add Report Query dialog box displays.

  6. Select a filter-based query to add to the product and click OK. For example, you could add a basic Filter Based Query to the report template.

  7. Name the query on the Add Query dialog box.

  8. When you click OK, the software displays the Select Filter dialog so you can specify the appropriate filter for the report, then adds the new query to the Report Template Editor.

  9. To require the person running the report to select the filter at runtime, check the Allow runtime filter selection.

  10. Add properties to the query as needed using the table provided. Click Add to display the Select Properties dialog box and define the property. When you click OK the property is added as a new row to the Query tab. For example, you could add a property for the Insulation Requirement on certain equipment.

  11. To remove any properties you do not need in the query definition, select a property row and click Delete .

  12. To test run the query, click Execute Query . The Query tab updates to show the results in a panel at the bottom of the tab. You can turn the results panel on and off by clicking Show Results Panel . The graphic below shows an example query results pane for a query that uses a filter called ProcessingEquipmentFilter and the Insulation Requirement property.

  13. Save your changes to the report template using either File > Save Report Template or File > Save Report Template As. For more information, see Save Report Template (File Menu) and Save Report Template As (File Menu).

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