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You can revise drawings, reports, and 3D Model Data documents if you have registered your model using the SmartPlant 3D Registration Wizard in Project Management.

  1. Right-click a document and select the Revise Command to display the Revise dialog. You can also multi-select documents in the Detail View, or you can select a folder in the Management Console hierarchy to select all of the documents within the folder if they all have the same revision level.

    If the Revise Command is not available on the shortcut menu, check the properties on the document. Right-click the document and select the Properties Command. Go to the WBS tab of the Properties dialog and make sure that you have a Document type and Discipline set for the document. See Set properties for publishing documents.

  2. For a new document or a document that does not yet have a defined revision scheme, select the revision scheme that you want to use from the Revision Scheme list.

    Only revision schemes that are applicable to the configuration (plant) or classification (document type) are available in the shortcut menu. The revision schemes related to a configuration or classification are not available for any other configurations or classifications. If none of the revision schemes are related to the configuration or classification, then all revision schemes are available unless they are related to any other configuration or classification. For more information on revision scheme configuration, see Configure different revision scheme strategies.

  3. In the Revise in Tool section, select the next available major and minor revision numbers.

  4. Click OK to save the document to the model database. The command creates a revision record by adding it to the document Revision properties. The command also reserves the revision number.

  5. Right-click the document and select the Properties Command.

  6. Go to the Revision tab of the Properties dialog and edit the values in the new revision row.

  7. Update the document to update any document property title block information. See Updating Documents.

  8. Re-publish the document. The stored document is not updated until you publish it.