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Defines the location for the VUE and MDB2 files when using SPRDirect.


Path for Output File

Type in the path name where you want to generate the VUE and MDB2 files. You do not have to type the file names.

Optional Coordinate system

Select a coordinate system from the menu list to use. This value is optional.

ReportSettings.txt file location

Allows you to use a different ReportSettings.txt file for the report. (Optional) You can create a separate ReportSettings.txt file for one or more different reports. Copy the delivered ReportSettings.txt file, edit this file as required for the specific report, and then place it in a folder. By default, the path to the delivered ReportSettings.txt file located in the SharedContent folder displays.

For SPRDirect batch updates, you must set up at least Read permissions on the new .txt file and folder location to allow batched mapped account user access.

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