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Before you can share documents (drawings or reports), you must:

  1. If you are sharing and revising for an integrated model in which the work area was synchronized from an SDx As-Built project, you must set the active work package in the System list in the main Smart 3D toolbar. Select More in the System list, and then ensure that the project assigned to the integrated model is selected for revision.

  2. Right-click a component containing one or more drawings, and then select the Share Documents Command to open the Share Dialog.

  3. Edit information as necessary for the 2D drawings. When multiple drawings are selected, only property values shared by all of the selected drawings display in the dialog.

  4. Select Share for the Operation.

  5. Select OK to share the selected drawings to SDx. When the process is complete, Documents have been shared successfully displays. If the View Log button is enabled, messages are available concerning the operation. These messages include errors, warning, and informational messages.