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Allows you to add, modify, and delete customized attributes for reports. Attributes defined in this dialog box are included in the Parameters dialog box that displays when you run the report. You access this dialog when editing a report template. On the Formatting tab in the Report Template Editor, click Design Layout to open the report template in Microsoft Excel. Expand Formatting Parameters folder in the Design Layout hierarchy, right- click a User Defined item and select Properties.


Deletes the selected attribute from the dialog box. On OK, the attribute is removed from the report template.


Names the customized attribute. The name must be unique.


Provides a caption that will label the input field on the Parameters dialog box when the report runs. The default caption is the same as the specified Name.

You can add new items, edit an existing one, or delete an item. Click OK to save the changes to the Design Layout hierarchy, and then you can click-and-drag the customized items to the report template. Click Cancel on the dialog to discard changes.

Customized Attribute Definitions in Report Template Files

Customized attributes in the Design Layout are saved in two file locations:

  • Report XLS File - You can open the report XLS file and go to the SP3DReport_Definition sheet to see where the customized attributes are saved for the specified report template sheet. For example, the following shows where field parameter ABC was added to Sheet1 in the report template, but another attribute bcd was added to Sheet2.

  • Report RFP File - You can see where the Formatting Fields are added for field parameters in every layout sheet. For example:

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