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Your site administrator sets permissions and creates permission groups in the Project Management task. These permissions are used in the different tasks in the software to control user access.

You can see your current permission group in the dropdown box in the upper left-hand corner of the window when in the Drawings and Reports task.

The permission group to which an item belongs can affect the actions allowed against that item. For example, the propagation of properties down the hierarchy, from parent to child, is interrupted when a node or document in a read-only permission group is encountered.

The following list shows the actions relating to drawings and reports that are affected by permission groups:

  • Accessing shortcut menu commands in the Management Console and Detail View

  • Creating items, such as drawings, drawing views, and drawing volumes

  • Propagating properties down through the hierarchy

  • Deleting items

  • Updating items, such as re-extracting drawings

In addition, access to the SharedContent share on the server computer affects actions such as creating and editing view styles and graphic rules.

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