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The following procedure saves the report template to a location that you specify using the File > Save Report Template As command. To save a modified report template and its components to the Catalog, use the File > Save Report Template As command. For more information, see Save Report Template (File Menu) and Save Report Template As.

  1. Right-click a report in the Detail View and select Edit Template. Modify the report template as needed.

  2. Click File > Save Report Template As. The Save Template As dialog box displays.

  3. To rename a component of the report, select the component in the table, and then click Rename . After you type the new name of the component, the file name changes automatically.

  4. To save parts of the report template, click the check boxes to the left of the names to clear the components you do not want to save.

  5. Specify the saving mode and location of the report template and components, and click Save. By default, the files are saved to the personal reports location defined on the File Locations tab of the Options dialog box in Common. For more information, refer to the Common User's Guide.

  6. Click Save to save the report template to the specified location.

  • If you added or modified parameters for any query, right-click the report document, and then click Parameters to redefine parameters.

  • If you want your report templates to be available to everyone, you must make changes to the names and locations of report templates on the Report sheet of the Reports.xls spreadsheet, and then bulk load the reference data into the Catalog database.

  • Do not overwrite delivered templates. Save new or modified template files with unique names different from the templates delivered with the software.

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