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The Drawings Check and Repair Utility custom command opens the Drawings Check and Repair Utility dialog. The Repair Drawings tab enables you to check drawing items for problems, such as mismatches or duplicates of views, smartframes, and OIDs, and invalid dimensions with missing smartframe attributes. Click Repair to fix any problems.

The Update Drawing templates tab enables you to save updated templates to a specific folder, and updates all templates in that folder to the latest version.

This command is intended for use by your administrator.

Click Tools > Custom Commands to add the command using the ProgID DwgCheckUtility,Ingr.SP3D.

Drawings Check and Repair Utility Dialog

Repair Drawings

Select an item

Displays a hierarchical list of drawings in the model. Select the drawing to check from the hierarchy.

Select the check to run

Specifies the type of check to run on the drawing. The following checks are available in the drop-down list:

  • Check for bad drawing sheets

  • Check for bad annotations

  • Check for bad child views

  • Section Views

  • Check for bad smart frames

  • Check for invalid View keys


Runs the selected check on the drawing.


Fixes any problems found by the check utility.

Log History

Displays information about the check and repair operations.

Update Drawing Templates

Drawing Templates Location

Specifies the folder where the software saves the updated templates. Either type the folder path in the text box, or click Browse and navigate to the folder. Because this command updates all the templates in the specified folder, we recommend that you create a copy of the folder (for example, [Product Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\Packages - Copy).


Opens the Browse For Folder dialog. Navigate to the drawing templates folder (for example, [Product Folder]\SharedContent\Drawings\Catalog\), and select a folder. Alternately, click Make New Folder and create a copy of an existing template folder. Click OK to return to the Update Drawing Templates tab.


Replaces all the templates with read/write properties in the drawing templates location with the latest template version. Update is unavailable until you specify a drawing templates location.

Override Read-only Templates

Replaces all the templates in the drawing templates location with the latest template version. This check box is cleared by default.

Save Log

Writes the log history to a text file.


Exits the Drawings Check and Repair Utility custom command.