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Updates a single document or multiple drawing documents whether or not they are out-of-date. This command is available when you right-click:

  • A folder or component in the Management Console. All drawings in all components within the folder are updated.

  • A component in the Management Console. All drawings in the component are updated.

  • One or more documents in the Detail View. The selected drawings are updated.

This command works on your local computer regardless of the batch configuration.

For volume drawings, the Update Now command is not available until you place drawing volumes for a volume component in the Space Management task. For composed drawings, this command is not available until you create the drawings in a 3D task through Tools Menu > Drawing Console Command. For reports, this command is not available until you create the report by choosing a report template.

  • If the software encounters a problem before or during the drawing update, it stops updating, displays either an error status or error message, and saves the errors to the log file. See Conditional Drawing Update.

  • The software preserves many of the modifications you make between regenerations of volume or composed drawings. For example, if you annotate a volume drawing and then regenerate it, your annotations still display on the updated drawing.

  • Documents created automatically in a Drawings by Rule component are automatically deleted by updating the component if the document no longer contains views.

  • If the software cannot make a SmartPlant Foundation server connection when updating 3D Model Data documents, you are prompted to provide a valid login and password.

  • If you place drawing property labels on a template, generate a drawing, move the labels on the drawing, and then update the drawing, the software remembers the new position of the labels on the drawing.

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