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A tool published document results in a document version object in SmartPlant Foundation. A document version has four files attached to it.

  1. Data XML file – Contains published objects, relationships and correlations (SameAs relationships).

  2. Meta data XML file – Contains meta data about the published document version.

  3. Instructions XML file – Contains instructions for deleted objects and relationships. Also contains resurrect instructions for objects that were deleted previously and resurrected as a result of restoring a tool database.

  4. View file – This is a file in the tool format that represents the (graphical) view of the published document.

When a document is submitted to a workflow that has a load process step, the following tasks are created.

If the document is not published to such a workflow, and when the Load document command in SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client is run on the published document, the same tasks are created.

  • Load Task - This task processes the objects and relationships in the data XML by loading them into a publish domain. This task also processes the instructions in an Instructions XML file. For example, the delete instruction would result in termination of the object referenced in the delete instruction.

  • Consolidate Task - This task processes the correlations (SameAs relationships) in the data XML file. A SameAs is a correlation relationship published by tools indicating that a published object is identical to an object published by another tool. The correlation of the object in the current publish domain (say, local object) to the external object (object published by another tool in another publish domain) is done by creating a shared object in the Data Warehouse domain. The local and external objects are linked through SPFComprisedOf relationships; for example, one SPFComprisedOf relationship between the local object and the shared object, and a second SPFComprisedOf relationship between the external object and the shared object.

    An object that is not correlated also has a shared object created in the Data Warehouse domain in preparation for future correlation.

    The consolidate task also creates a hidden file, known as graphical mapping file, which has mappings between objects in the database and graphical elements in the view file. This file is used by SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client for navigation between published objects in the list view and their graphical representations in the view file.

  • MergeDelta Task - This is a task created for delta publishes of Smart 3D. A delta publish contains new, modified and deleted objects in a document since the last publish of that document. Only Smart 3D has the capability to do a delta publish. Other tools publish full data where every object is published whether it is modified or not since last publish.

    Because a delta published data XML file and view file only contains the delta, it is required that it becomes a full data XML and full view file for complete view of the data and graphics of that document. The MergeDelta task converts the delta data XML file into a full XML file by merging data from the previous full XML file into the delta XML file.

    When you publish a 3D model, you must enable the Scheduler and Loader to make the 3D model data document retrievable. The load, consolidate, and merge tasks must complete successfully before the 3D model document can be retrieved. For more information, see Schedulers and Queue Management.

    If you are using SmartPlant Basic Integrator, only the merge task must complete successfully before the 3D model document can be retrieved. For more information, see Schedulers and Queue Management.

    The merge involves the following:

    1. Replace modified objects and relationships in the full publish XML, view file, and the hidden graphic map file.

    2. Delete objects and relationships that are identified in the delete, and move instructions in the delta instructions XML file, view file, and the hidden graphic map file.

    3. Add new objects and relationships to the full publish XML, view file, hidden graphic map file.

    4. Replaces the delta XML file in the vault with the updated full publish XML file, view file, and the hidden graphic map file.

Set SmartPlant Foundation to Tolerate Failed Loads

For working in any integrated environment, a new site configuration flag in SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager allows the SmartPlant Foundation Loader to skip a published document that failed during load and continue processing other documents in the queue.

In SmartPlant Foundation Server Manager, set the SkipFailedDocumentsInLoad flag to True to allow failed documents to be skipped and other documents to continue processing. Typical behavior is that after a document is successfully loaded, any previous failed document is removed from the queue.

The behavior during a Smart 3D publish is different. If any Smart 3D publish, either a full publish or delta publish, fails to load, the failed versions remain in the load queue until a full publish successfully loads. If a delta publish loads successfully following these failures, it does not remove any previous failed version from the queue because the data in delta publishes is different from version to version, so a failed previous version needs to stay in the queue until you resolve the failure or a full publish is loaded. A second reason is this gives an indication to you that a full publish is needed. When a full publish is loaded, all failed delta publishes are removed from the queue.