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Perform a bulkload operation to load the SmartPlant Review report and SmartPlant Review labels into the symbol SharedContent folder.

This operation is not required for Smart 3D version 2011 R1 or later.

  1. Before you begin, go to the release notes for your upgrade and note the location of the Reports worksheet.

  2. Click Start > Programs > Intergraph Smart 3D > Database Tools > Bulkload Reference Data.

  3. In the Excel files box, click Add and load the Report workbook along with any other workbooks included in the upgrade. The default location for reference data upgrade workbooks is [Product Folder]\CatalogData\BulkLoad\AdditionalDataFiles.

  4. Under Bulkload mode, click Add, modify, or delete records in existing catalog.

  5. Under Catalog information, select either MSSQL or ORACLE in the Database Type box.

    • If you selected MSSQL, select the name of a server in the Database server name box. This location is where the Catalog database and schema are stored (or will be stored, if you are creating a new database set).

    • If you selected ORACLE, select the name of the Oracle net service for the Catalog database connection in the Oracle Service box. The service must exist before you choose it in this box.

  6. In the Database name box, select the name of the Catalog database that you want to update with new reference data.

  7. Select the Catalog Schema database name in the Schema database name box.

  8. In the Log file box, click the browse button to specify the name and location of the log file.

  9. Click Load. You can see messages in the status bar of the Bulkload utility while it is running.

    SHARED Tip If you interrupt the bulkloading process, you may see a Switch To/Retry message. Click Switch To to return to the bulkloading process.

  10. Open the log file to check for any errors or warnings in the bulkloading process. You can quickly scan the Error Analysis section at the end of the log file to check for errors.

  11. Click Close.

For more detailed information about loading reference data, see Smart 3D Reference Data.