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  1. Click Tools > Run Report SHARED to display the Run Report Dialog Box SHARED.

  2. Click the Catalog Reports tab.

  3. Expand the tree view to select the category for your report (such as Piping or Equipment), and select the report template you want to use.

  4. Optionally, type a name for the output file in the File name box, and click Browse to locate the report template to use.

  5. To run the report on objects in the select set, check the Use Select Set option.

  6. Click Run. If the report requires additional input, such as a filter or parameter, the command displays the necessary dialog boxes, such as the Select Filter dialog box, Filter Properties dialog box, and Report Parameters dialog box.

  • Before running a report, confirm your system administrator has created the necessary reporting databases; that is, the Reports database must exist before you can run a report.

  • If you attempt to run a report template but the Reports database does not exist, the software displays the message Cannot get Reports Database connection. Contact your system administrator for the prerequisite databases.

  • You can define the path to your output report in advance by clicking Tools > Options and then selecting the File Locations tab.

  • Some templates require you provide some additional information. This information is based on the particular criteria you select for your report.

  • Reports in .xls format can have a maximum of 65,536 rows. If a report reaches the maximum, a message in the error log of the software alerts you: Excel sheet limit (65,536 rows) was reached. Change the format to .xls to avoid the row limit.

  • If you click No to avoid overwriting an existing report, the software displays the Browse dialog box so you can specify a different report name.