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  1. Verify that at least one spreadsheet report component exists in the Console hierarchy. If none exists, add a component for reports.

    Add a component or package

  2. Right-click the spreadsheet report component, and click Create Report on the shortcut menu. For more information, see Create Report (Report Shortcut Menu).

  3. On the Select Report Template dialog box, click a report template, and click OK. The software creates the report document in the Detail View.

    SHARED Tip The software prompts for parameters or a filter if the selected report template requires these inputs.

  4. Right-click the report, and click Update Now. The software generates the report. For more information, see Updating Documents.

You can modify the report template if needed. In the Drawings and Reports task, right-click the report in the Detail View, and click Edit Template. You can add tabs using commands on the Tools menu, and you can save the report template using File > Save Report Template. For more information, see Edit a Report Template.