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Compares the date of the last update of the document with the modification date in the model for any object that has a positive (can be seen) resymbolization in the drawing.

This command is not available until you generate documents. You can access this command by right-clicking an item in the Management Console hierarchy or in the Detail View and selecting Refresh on the shortcut menu. The software updates the status for all the expanded items within the parent node.

The Refresh command is not available for Spreadsheet Report documents. A Spreadsheet Report document is regenerated each time you update or print the report document. You can refresh the contents of a folder that contains reports.

For out-of-date documents , the command behavior implies the following:

  • If the object is hidden entirely and is inside the drawing volume, but the style does not resymbolize the hidden lines, the object does not participate in the "out-of-date" definition.

  • The modification date used for the object in the model can be for any property even if this property has no impact on the graphic. This means that a drawing could be considered out-of-date even though the graphic is up-to-date. For example, the approval status does not affect graphics. However, the view style you are using for your drawing can use a filter that sets approved objects to a specific color. A drawing document displays with an out-of-date definition because of a change to the approval status.

  • Objects participating indirectly in the graphic as labels do not participate in the out-of-date definition. This means that, in rare cases, a label may be out-of-date on a drawing that is shown as up-to-date.

  • To refresh the Management Console to reflect changes made to loaded (expanded) tree view items, use the View Menu > Refresh command.

  • You can also use the Batch > Refresh command on the shortcut menu to perform your refreshes on the batch server. Batch > Refresh is not available for Spreadsheet Report documents.

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