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SPRDirect enables you to publish Smart 3D native objects and Smart 3D referenced objects (DGN/DWG, PDS, and Reference 3D, for example) directly to graphic (VUE) and label data (MDB2) files. These files can then be opened in SmartPlant Review. SPRDirect provides a SmartPlant Review spreadsheet report type in Smart 3D that contains labels used to generate the attribute information for SmartPlant Review. This method offers an easier, faster way to get your Smart 3D project to SmartPlant Review (SPR) where you can interactively review and analyze 3D model data.


In addition to faster data exchange, SPRDirect provides these features:

  • You have a WYSIWYG operation in that the attributes you see in Smart 3D can also be seen in SmartPlant Review.

  • The process of adding or removing attributes is simplified.

  • You no longer have to use the additional tools for the data exchange:

    • Schema Editor is not needed for mapping properties on the Smart 3D side.

    • The SP3D Label Selector and the UOM Converter utilities that come with SmartPlant Review are not required.

SPRDirect Components

SPRDirect provides the following components or tools used to complete the process:

  • SmartPlant Review spreadsheet template (S3DtoSPRDirect) - Creates the SPRDirect report used to publish a graphic (VUE) file and the attribute data (MDB2) file. The attribute data that goes into the MDB2 file is controlled by the Smart 3D labels. This template along with the Seed.mdb2 is delivered with Smart 3D.

  • ReportSettings.txt - Provides the Smart 3D class-to-label mapping. Edit this file only when you want to add or remove custom labels, and define additional surface style rules and aspects. This file is delivered with your Smart 3D system.

  • MapClassIDToLevelDisciplines.txt - Contains the Smart 3D class ID-to-SmartPlant Review discipline and level mapping. It is used to obtain the SmartPlant Review discipline and level information for the graphic objects while the graphic (VUE) file is being created. This file contains the mapping relations between Smart 3D classes and SmartPlant Review disciplines. Edit this file only if you want to change a discipline name or a level number for the generated VUE file.

Output Files

Files that are generated from the update process are listed below. The project file name is the name of the filter that you associated with the report. These files are automatically created into a location that you define.

  • [Project file name].log

  • [Project file name].VUE

  • [Project file name].MDB2

  • [Project file name].iop

[Project file name].iop is created only if coordination is not selected for the drawing.