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The software updates properties from parent nodes to child nodes and drawings in the Management Console Command hierarchy.

For example, you can display the Properties Dialog for a folder named Isometric Drawings. If you set the Division Location property to Huntsville, Alabama, the software pushes this value to the items contained within the Isometric Drawings folder.

You can specify inheritance for each item on its Properties Dialog. If you set the override flag for a property, the property is not inherited from the parent. You can provide a new, overriding value for the property. This new value then propagates to other items deeper in the hierarchy.

Properties and Publishing

Several document properties impact publishing the document. Before you can publish documents in the software, you must configure your computer. The configuration includes installing and registering the SmartPlant Client and SmartPlant Schema Component. See Install Smart 3D Client Software in the Intergraph Smart 3D Installation Help.

Even if you have registered your model, you must set certain properties to enable the publishing capability. Properties that control publishing are found on the WBS Tab. See Set properties for publishing documents.

  • The software considers blanks or cleared values as override flags.

  • If the drawing document you are looking at in the Detail View Command has a yellow icon (for example: ), the drawing document is a version 6.1 legacy Snapshot drawing. You should use the Tools Menu > Convert Legacy Snapshots Command to convert this document to a Composed Drawing for use in the current version of the software. If you do not convert the legacy snapshot drawing, you cannot perform edit operations on the drawing, including update, revise, and publish.

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