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Updating documents increases productivity because you can easily keep deliverables current. It is important to understand the different update capabilities.

  • You must install the SmartPlant Schema Component to update documents. See Intergraph Smart 3D Installation Help.

  • If the drawing document you are looking at in the Detail View Command has a yellow icon (for example: ), the drawing document is a version 6.1 legacy Snapshot drawing. You should use the Tools Menu > Convert Legacy Snapshots Command to convert this document to a Composed Drawing for use in the current version of the software. If you do not convert the legacy snapshot drawing, you cannot update, revise, or publish the drawing.

  • Any time you update a 3D model document, the software generates a single log file listing status information and any errors encountered during the process. The log file location is %TEMP%\EFUpdateCache\[3D Model ID]\[3D Model ID].log.

Refreshing Document Contents

The Refresh command on the shortcut menu for a Console hierarchy item allows you to see which documents are out-of-date.

Updating Documents Using Batch Processing

The Batch Commands queries the model to regenerate a single document or multiple documents. For volume and composed drawings, if you have edited the previous copy of the drawing (for example, by moving a label), the software remembers those changes and re-creates them. If batch processing is configured for the selected drawings, the update is performed on the Batch Server.

See Batch Processing - Intergraph Smart Batch Services.