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The Management Console and Detail View display different icons to show the type and status of packages, components, and documents.

Drawing Type Icons

- Root of the model hierarchy

- Folder

- Search folder

- Imported folder

- Drawings by Query manager

- Generic module folder

- Drawing by Rule component (marine mode and material handling mode only)

- Volume Drawing component

- Composed Drawing component

- Orthographic Drawing component

- Isogen Isometric Drawing component

- Spreadsheet Report component

- 3D Model Data component

- MicroStation 3D DGN drawing component

- Package of drawing components (in the Add Component Dialog)

- Drawings by Rule package (in the Add Component Dialog) (marine mode and material handling mode only)

- Drawing document. A status icon is always superimposed over this icon.

Document Status Icons

These icons are superimposed on the document icon and indicate document status.

- Updating or publishing. A document also displays this icon if an error occurred and forced the machine to end the update process before it completed. Right-click the drawing document, and select the View Log Command for more information, or update the document again.

- Out-of-date. This document has been altered in SmartSketch Drawing Editor or the drawing properties have been changed. A document is not marked out-of-date if the 3D model has been changed. For example, changing the view style of a drawing view causes the document to be out-of-date, while moving a pump in the 3D model does not affect the drawing status (unless a Refresh is performed).

- Up-to-date. This document is an accurate representation of the 3D model based on the last update performed. If an object in the 3D model that is included in the drawing view has been moved inside the 3D environment, the document is still up-to-date unless Refresh is performed. A change must be made to the drawing properties or inside the drawing in order for it to be marked out-of-date without a Refresh.

- Error status. An error has occurred during the update process. Right-click the drawing, and select the View Log Command for more information.

- No graphic objects in the model associated with this drawing document. For example, the drawing is a piping isometric drawing document created from a Pipeline System that has no piping parts associated with it.

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