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The document revision process is separate from the publishing process, making it possible to revise a document locally and save it to the database without re-publishing it. The Revise command is available on the right-click menu for drawings, reports, and 3D Model Data documents. In an integrated environment, all revisions are handled by SmartPlant Foundation.

Revising and publishing are two separate actions. You specify the document revision using the Revise Command, which creates a revision for the document with Major and Minor set, depending on the revision schema selected. If you are working in an integrated environment, you can modify the other revision information on the document.

After setting the revision number, right-click the document and select Properties Command. Select the Revision tab and edit the Revision fields. You should update documents to include any new title block information.

You can now re-publish the document with the new revision information.

  • You can use the Revise Command only if your model has been registered using the SmartPlant Registration Wizard. See Model registration in the Project Management Help.

  • If the drawing document that you are looking at in the Detail View has a yellow icon (for example: ), the drawing document is a version 6.1 legacy Snapshot drawing. You should use the Tools > Convert Legacy Snapshots Command to convert this document to a Composed Drawing for use in the current version of the software. If you do not convert the legacy snapshot drawing, you cannot perform edit operations on the drawing, including update, revise, and publish.