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Publishes the information in the selected documents to SmartPlant Foundation. You can access the Publish command by right-clicking a component or document.

The Publish command and the Update and Publish Command are available for the following types of documents:

  • 3D Model Data (Intergraph Smart Review file type)

  • Orthographic Drawings, including Volume and Composed drawings (viewable file with links to data)

  • Isogen Isometric Drawings (viewable file with links to data)

  • Reports (Microsoft Excel workbook file)

  • The viewable files created when you publish drawings and reports provide relationship links to the 3D objects which are published from the 3D Model Data. You must publish the 3D Model Data before you publish Orthographic Drawings and/or Isometric Drawings to provide the navigation between the viewable files and the 3D Model Data.

  • The Publish > Update and Publish Command updates and then immediately publishes the selected documents in one step. This command is available only if the model is registered with SmartPlant Foundation.

  • The Intergraph Smart 3D Share Service, installed with Smart 3D, can be configured to monitor selected models for changes to provide improved update performance. Check with your system administrator to see if the service has been started and configured. See the Smart 3D Installation Help.

When you publish a 3D model, you must now enable the Scheduler and Loader in SmartPlant Foundation to make the 3D model data document retrievable. The load, consolidate, and merge tasks must complete successfully before the 3D model document can be retrieved.

Define the Discipline and Document Type properties to enable publishing for the documents. See Set properties for publishing documents.

For 3D model data, the Discipline and Document Type properties are already populated.

You might also want to specify documents to be revised, not published, or reserve revision numbers. See Revising.

To generate a list of documents that need to be published, you can use SmartPlant > Find Documents to Publish Command.

You can publish isometric drawings to SmartPlant Foundation in additional file formats other than the SHA drawing file format. These additional files along with the SHA drawing are generated by the update process. When publishing isometric drawings you can also publish other available data files and reports generated by the update process. See Published Files (S3D Supplementary).

Publish Dialog (Integration only)

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