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Specifies the parameters for a report, such as units of measure and coordinate systems. You can access this command by right-clicking a report document. The parameters required by the report are defined in the report template. For more information on the parameter definition, see Edit Template (Report Shortcut Menu).

To add customized attributes to the parameter definition, see Define User Item Dialog Box.

Report Parameters Dialog Box

Insert parameters in a report

You can specify the parameters in reports as needed while creating or generating the report. The following procedure steps you through inserting a unit delimiter in a report.

  1. Create a report using the required report parameters. For example, Material Take-Off (MTO) reports.

  2. After creating the report, select the report and right-click to select the Parameters command.

  3. In the Report Parameters dialog box, define values for Primary and Secondary units.

  4. Type a value in the Unit Delimiter box.

    Make sure you specify the primary and secondary units before specifying the unit delimiter value. The Unit Delimiter box is disabled if you leave the secondary unit as <BLANK> or if Inherit from Session, Reports, Drawing is selected. After setting the values, you can see the displayed value is changed. For more information about the columns displayed in the Report Parameters dialog box, see Unit of Measure Dialog Box (Label Editor) in the Common User's Guide.

  5. Update the report.

  6. Open the report. You can see the unit delimiters are inserted.

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