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Use the SmartPlant Foundation (*.xml) target file type to save drawing data and metadata and generate .xml files in either integrated or non-integrated environments. This save option is available for Isometric Drawings, Composed Drawings, and Volume Drawings component types.

  1. Before you use the Save As Command, you must define the Discipline property for your documents:

    1. In the Management Console, right-click an item in the hierarchy, and then select the Properties Command on the shortcut menu.

    2. Go to the WBS Tab (Properties Dialog), and set the Discipline property. If your model has been registered using the SmartPlant Registration Wizard, this also adds the Publish Command to the right-click menu for the selected document or documents. For a 3D Model Data document, the property is set to Smart Review Document.

  2. Right-click the Isometric, Volume, or Composed document, and select Save As to open the Save As Dialog.

  3. Specify the Output Folder Rule to use. You can save the item as it displays in the Console, with its parent folder appended or with the entire model hierarchy appended.

  4. Specify the File Already Exists Action to use. This determines how you save a file that has the same name as an existing file. Select Overwrite to replace the existing file, or select Save As filename (n) to save the file separately.

  5. Specify the Output Folder location. Click Browse to display a dialog to locate the appropriate folder location.

  6. Check the Isometric Drawings, Composed Drawings, or Volume Drawings component type. You can select multiple component types.

  7. In the Target File Type menu list for the component type, select SmartPlant Foundation (*.xml).

  8. Click OK to save the files as specified. The software generates an .sha file and two XML files in the specified location; an .xml data file and an .xml metadata file. The data .xml file is named ToolData_<Drawing Name>. The metadata file is named MetaData_<Drawing Name>.

You can now add the generated .sha in Smart Interop Publisher to translate it to a Smart Drawing and publish the drawing to SmartPlant Foundation. Smart Interop Publisher requires all generated files (.sha and .xml) to be located in the same folder location for translation and publishing. See the Intergraph Smart 3D Interop Publisher Help for information about Smart Drawings and the translation and publish capabilities.