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Displays properties of the selected document or documents. If only one document is selected in the tree view, the properties displayed on this tab are the properties of that one document. If multiple documents are selected, only the properties with the same value for all documents are displayed. Any properties with varying values across the documents appear as blank values in these fields.

You can change some of the values assigned to one or more documents by changing the values displayed in the table. The values you enter here will override any existing values for all selected documents.

Engineering Tool

Opens a dialog so that you can select documents to add to the Selected documents list.

File System

Opens the standard Microsoft dialog that allows you to select documents to add to the Selected documents list. When you select a file with this Select File dialog, the Document Properties Dialog displays, allowing you to specify information about the file, such as whether it is a new file; the category, type, and subtype of the document; and the name, description, and title of the document.


Opens the Find Documents to Publish Dialog, which allows you to search for documents to add to the Selected documents list.


Removes the selected document from the tree view list.

Selected documents

Displays a list of the documents selected for sharing. You must populate this list by selecting documents in the Management Console or the Detail View before you use the Share Documents Command. For each document, this list displays the name, the type of document, the workflow from which the document was last synchronizes, the revision and version numbers, the revision scheme, and the date when the document was last shared.



Displays the type of document or documents selected.

Last Published

Indicates the date on which the document or documents were last shared.


Allows you to type information about the selected documents that can be shared.


Owning Group

Select an owning group from the list to which the document belongs. All configured owning groups are listed. By default, the owning group selected for the previous version, if any, is shown.

You can share documents to any owning group from the drop-down list, regardless of access to the owning groups. This enables you to control document access to those who can synchronize through owning groups.


Displays the current revision number of the selected document or documents.

Revision Scheme

Displays the revision scheme applied to the selected document or documents.

SHARED Tip You will receive an error message if you attempt to change the Revision or the Revision Scheme value when you have selected one or more documents that have conflicting revision schemes or different possible revisions. The error message prompts you to select a smaller set of documents.


Indicates the current version of the document or documents.


Indicates to which workflow the selected document or documents are assigned. Applicable only when publishing to SmartPlant Foundation.

Share Type

Allows you to share all data in a 3D model or only the changes to the model since the last successful share.

  • You will receive an error message indicating that this value cannot be edited if one or more of the selected documents have conflicting sets of possible workflows. The error message prompts you to select a smaller set of documents.

  • If you create a default workflow to which to share and do not select a workflow on the Share dialog, documents automatically share to the default workflow.

Custom Properties

Displays any custom properties associated with the data you are sharing. This option is not available if you have not defined any custom share DLLs.



Specifies the operation to perform on the selected documents.


Selected documents are shared immediately.

Background share

Selected documents are shared immediately as a separate process, allowing you to perform other tasks at the same time.


Opens the Custom dialog, if applicable. This functionality is available only if defined by your project implementation team.

Check for deleted objects no longer on documents

Indicates that you want to process the move instruction while publishing. This option is not applicable when sharing to SDx.