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Sets options for exporting drawings. You can open this dialog by right-clicking a folder, component, or drawing and then selecting the Save As Command on the shortcut menu.

Output Folder Rules

Specifies how you want to save the hierarchy. The following options are provided:

As displayed

Specifies the selection is saved as displayed.

Append Parent Folder

Specifies the selected item is appended to the parent folder.

Append Model Hierarchy

Specifies the selected item is appended to the hierarchy starting from the root and including the selected item.

File Already Exists Action

Specifies how you want to save the hierarchy if a file with the same name already exists.


Overwrites the existing file.

Save As filename (n)

Saves the file separately, and appends a number 'n' after the file name. For example, if the existing file name is FileName, the new file name is FileName (1).

Output Folder

Specifies the location to which to save the package.


Indicates a folder in which to save the drawings. You can select a local folder or a folder on another computer on the network.

File Type

Specifies the file formats to save for each drawing type. Select the check box next to each drawing type you want to save. Use the Target File Type menu to specify the file type to which the drawing type is saved. The file types available for each drawing type are described in the following table.

Drawing Type

Target File Types


MicroStation J (V7 and V8) (*.dgn) 32MB limit

Isogen Isometric Drawings

  • For Isogen Isometric Drawings, the name of the drawing document becomes the prefix for all of the files. For example, if the drawing document name is My_Pipeline, the saved file names become: My_Pipeline.sha, My_Pipeline.pcf, and so on.

  • For Isogen Isometric Drawings, a file is created for each sheet in the drawing with [drawing name]_[sheet name] as the filename. For example, if the drawing My_Pipeline contains Sheet1 and Sheet2, two files will be saved with the names My_Pipeline_Sheet1 and My_Pipeline_Sheet2.

Shape2DServer (*.sha)

PCF file (*.pcf)

Both (*.sha & *.pcf)

All Files (*.*) - Includes all .sha and .pcf files, as well as all enabled supplementary files.

MicroStation J (V7 and V8) (*.dgn)

AutoCAD (*.dxf)

AutoCAD (*.dwg)

SmartPlant Foundation (*.xml)

Spreadsheet Reports

Worksheets (*.xls)

SmartPlant Foundation (*.xml)

Composed Drawings, Volume Drawings, and Orthographic Drawings by Query

Shape2DServer (*.sha)

MicroStation J (V7 and V8) (*.dgn)

AutoCAD (*.dxf)

AutoCAD (*.dwg)

Composed by Drawings and Volume Drawings

SmartPlant Foundation (*.xml)