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The title block is generally displayed at the bottom of a drawing template. It can include signatures, revision and issue information, and other properties associated with the drawing.

You add drawing properties, such as revision information or issue requests, to the title block using the Place Drawing Property Label command when editing a template.

When you update the revision information or receive an issue request on a drawing document, the associated properties must be updated. You update the drawing document to incorporate the property changes for any drawing property labels included in the title block.

After you update the drawing document, you can re-publish it and the appropriate title block information is recorded in SmartPlant Foundation. Publishing your drawing document helps you manage the changes, including workflow history, document revisions, and title block information.

The general workflow for including information in the drawing title block is:

  1. Edit a template and include drawing property labels for revision or issue request. See Place a drawing property label on a template.

  2. Create drawing documents using the template.

  3. Publish the drawings. See Publish documents.

  4. Revise the drawing document or receive an issue request from SmartPlant Foundation. See Revise a document or Issue request documents.

  5. Update the drawing documents to include the new revision, issue, or other drawing property information in the title block.

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