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Before you can publish documents to SmartPlant Foundation, you must ensure that your computer is configured properly. The configuration includes installing the SmartPlant Client and the SmartPlant Schema Component and registering the model using the SmartPlant 3D Registration Wizard.

You must use the SmartPlant > Retrieve Command in one of the 3D tasks to import published data.

When you publish a 3D model, you must now enable the Scheduler and Loader in SmartPlant Foundation to make the 3D model data document retrievable. The load, consolidate, and merge tasks must complete successfully before the 3D model document can be retrieved.

The SmartPlant menu is not available in all tasks.

  1. Right-click a component and select the Publish Command to display the Publish Dialog.

    • If the Publish command is not available on the shortcut menu for the component or document, check the document properties and make sure that the documents are up-to-date and have been revised first. See Set properties for publishing documents.

    • You can use the Publish > Update and Publish command to update drawings and publish them in one step. This command is available only if the model is registered with SmartPlant Foundation.

    • The Intergraph Smart 3D Share Service, installed with Smart 3D, can be configured to monitor selected models for changes to provide improved update performance. Check with your system administrator to see if the service has been started and configured. See the Smart 3D Installation Help.

  2. Edit information as necessary for the selected documents.

    When multiple documents are selected, only property values shared by all of the selected documents display in the table. Changing a value in the table changes that value for all of the selected documents.

  3. Select the Publish Type.

    • Smart 3D supports Publish Type for delta publish.

      • The default setting for Publish Type is Changes Only. If the 3D model has not been published before, the software automatically selects All and performs a complete publish to ensure all filtered data is published and loaded into SmartPlant Foundation.

      • For subsequent publishes, select All to publish all filtered data in the 3D model, even if it is unchanged. Select Changes Only to publish only the changes in the 3D model since the last successful publish.

      • If the 3D model does not publish successfully during a delta publish, select All so that data from the previous publish is published and loaded into SmartPlant Foundation.

    • Other SmartPlant applications do not support Publish Type. For these SmartPlant applications, the default setting for Publish Type is All, and it cannot be changed.

  4. Select one of the following operations:

    • Publish to publish the selected documents immediately.

    • Background publish to publish as a separate process so that you can continue working in the application.

    • Scheduled publish to publish in the batch mode by the authoring tool. The documents are not published immediately. Instead, the selected documents are scheduled for publish at a later time and may be scheduled as a recurring operation.

  5. Click OK to publish the selected documents. See Publishing Documents.

When publish is complete, the following message displays: Documents have been published successfully. If the View Log button is enabled, messages are available concerning the operation. These messages include errors, warning, and informational messages. Click View Log to review these messages.

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