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Specifies the syntax to retrieve data for the reports. This tab allows you to execute the query and view the results.

You can create multiple query tabs for one report template by clicking Tools > Add Query. For more information on adding queries, see Add a filter-based query to a report template.

The first graphic shows the base query for the report, while the second shows the filter-based query used to further define the report.

Show Results Pane

Displays a pane at the bottom of the tab. When you execute the query, the results display here.

Execute Query

Runs the query specified on the tab.

Edit Query Parameters

Displays the Query Parameters Designer for modifying the query prompts that are presented to you when you run the report. For example, a prompt can ask you for the system parent name. This button is only available if the query is not filter-based.


Displays the name for the query. This field is read-only.


Describes the query. When you change the query description in the Report Template Editor, the description is updated in the report .rqe file.


Displays the name of the filter on which this query is based. This field is only available if the query is filter- based.


Displays the Filter Properties dialog box to change the properties of the filter if necessary. This button is only available if the query is filter-based.

Allow runtime filter selection

When checked, requires a filter selection be made when you run the report using Tools > Run Report in a 3D task. If this box is not checked, the report runs using the filter defined within the report.


Displays the Select Properties dialog box to add a new property to a filter-based query. This button is only available if the query is filter-based.


Removes a property that was added to a filter-based query. This button is only available if the query is filter-based.

If the report is saved to the catalog and the filter is not a catalog filter, an error message displays: Cannot copy report to the catalog. Filter is not a catalog filter. You should edit the report template to correct the problem.

Queries in Design Layout

The Query tabs in the Report Template Editor populate the attributes you see when you open the report template in Microsoft Excel. To open the report template in Excel, click Design Layout on the Formatting tab of the Report Template Editor. In the Design Layout window in Excel, the query attributes are shown in the Report Items hierarchy. You click and drag to place the query attributes in the report layout window. The graphic below shows how you can populate the layout of a report template. For more information, see Design Layout.

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