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Removes an item and its sub-items from the hierarchy and the database. You access this command on the right-click menu for any node or document in the hierarchy. Undo is not available for this action. Upon deletion, a confirmation message displays.

When you delete a Volume drawing, its associated template and its component remain unchanged. Any associated physical volumes are deleted.

You can delete many items that are directly or indirectly related to this task:

In some cases, deleting an item causes other items to be deleted. For example, when you delete a drawing volume, associated drawings are deleted. When you delete a drawing view in a generated drawing, associated volumes and documents are deleted.

In addition, the item status and your permissions can affect whether or not you can delete the item. A drawing set to Approved cannot be deleted. However, you may be able to delete a drawing set to Working.

You can select multiple components or documents in the Detail View and use the Delete command from the right-click menu to remove those items.

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