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Adds a new folder, a search folder, an imported folder, or a component to the Management Console hierarchy. Select the model root or a folder and right-click to select New. When you select the model root, New creates a folder, a search folder, or a folder containing a set of drawing components. If you select a folder, New creates a folder, a search folder, an Imported Folder Command, or a drawing component. You can configure the shortcut menu for a folder to display more New options. See Configure New Command on a Folder in the Smart 3D Drawings and Reports Reference Data Help.

If you have previously created a package, the package is available in the Add Component Dialog to add a component to the hierarchy. See Save Package Command.

When the component uses document or sheet "No Assignment" rules in the Define Layout Style Command, you can use the New command to create an empty drawing in a component without views, and manually add all views.

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