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  1. Switch to the Common task.

  2. Click Insert Menu > Control Point Command to display the Control Point Ribbon (Placement).

  3. Select the pipe part in the model that needs a note. Use the QuickPick tool to make the correct selection.


  4. Position the control point on the centerline of the pipe part. For precision placement, use commands such as Measure , PinPoint Command , or Point Along Command.

  5. Verify that Control Point is selected in the Type box.

  6. Confirm or change the option in the Subtype box on the ribbon.

  7. Type a name for the control point in the Name box.

  8. Click Properties  to display the Properties Dialog.

  9. Click the Notes Tab, and then click New Note.

  10. Select the control point to which to attach the note in the Key point box.

  11. Type or select a name in the Notes at this location, listed by name box.

  12. Select Fabrication from the Purpose of note list so that the note is picked up for inclusion in the drawing.

  13. Type the text of the note in the Note text box.

  14. Select the Show dimension box if you want a dimension to display on the drawing.

  15. Click OK.

  16. Switch to the Drawings and Reports task. Use the Update Now Command or Batch > Update Command to update the drawing that includes the pipe part with the associated control point.

    The note appears where it was placed in the model.