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This section provides tips and troubleshooting information for help in resolving any issues with SPRDirect.

  • Create your filter definitions BEFORE you create any reports that use those filters.

  • Name the reports the same as the filter you are using for SPRDirect so you know which filter to pick if you have to re-select it.

  • Do not modify the filter after you have used it for an SPRDirect report. Your changes are not saved. You must re-select it as a Parameter on the report.

  • Do not use the local path for the output location.

  • You can edit the S3DToSPRDirect.rqp file to include the required path so it is automatically populated for each new report you create.

  • Use an output location on a share that is stable. If your output is on a shared location that is moved or removed, you must edit parameters on the report to reset it to a new valid location.

  • To save some time, define labels to use only report properties you want to see.

  • Check the spelling on any entries you must manually make in the MapClassIDToLevelDisciplines.txt.

  • Smart 3D supports parallel processing while updating documents using 3DModelData and SPRDirect. Use the Configuration Manager to set up parallel processing with the following input entry limitations:

    • By default, the Chunk Size is 25000 for SPRDirect documents, regardless of the value defined through command.

    • The maximum number of parallel processes is four.

    • For SPRDirect, processes are divided based on the number of objects for the update; not the number of objects in the SPRDirect filter.