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Allows you to refresh documents on a Batch Server while you continue to work on other tasks. The Batch > Refresh command compares the date of the last update of the document with the modification date in the model for any object that has a positive (can be seen) resymbolization in the drawing. You can set up batch update jobs for a single document or a select set of documents you select in the Detail View. This command is available when you right-click on a single drawing or a select set of drawings in the Detail View.

The Batch > Refresh command displays the Schedule Wizard so you can specify whether the drawing should be updated now or at a scheduled date and time. The batch refresh job runs on a batch server. If the command is not available on the shortcut menu for your documents, batch processing is not configured.

The Batch > Refresh command Schedule Wizard works the same as the one for the Batch > Update Command. See Batch Schedule Wizard Common Tasks to walk-through the Schedule Wizard and set up batch refreshes.

See Manage batch jobs for information on viewing and managing current batch jobs.

Batch > Refresh is not available for Spreadsheet Report documents. Spreadsheet Report documents regenerate each time you run, update, or print the report. It is supported for all types of drawing documents.

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