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Before you can revise 2D documents with SDx, you must:

  1. Click More in the Active Project box on the main Smart 3D toolbar to select a project. You can look in the local Workspace or in the Database for the project.

  2. Right-click the document to revise, and then select the Properties Command. On the WBS tab of the Properties dialog, make sure the Document type and Discipline have been defined to enable the Revise with SDx Command. See Set properties for publishing and sharing documents.

  3. To revise a document from an integrated model, select the work package to use for the Project Name. (This is not required for standard models.)

  4. Right-click your 2D document and select the Revise with SDx Command to open the Revise dialog. You might have to enter your SDx login credentials.

    SHARED Tip You can multi-select documents in the Detail View, or you can select a folder in the Management Console hierarchy to select all of the documents within the folder if they all have the same revision.

  5. For a new document or a document that does not yet have a defined revision scheme, select the revision scheme to use from the Revision Scheme Name list.

  6. Under Revise in Tool, select the next available major and minor revision numbers, and then click OK to save the revision record to the model database and reserve the revision in SDx.

You can now share the 2D document to SDx. See Share Documents Command.