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The workflow in using SPRDirect consists of the procedures outlined below. The remaining sections describe each process in more detail.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Smart 3D, you need to run the Bulkload Reference Data application.

  1. Copy configuration files and corresponding folders to your current symbol share folder from their installed location. See Copy Report Types, Labels, and the Configuration File.

  2. Bulkload the SPRDirect catalog additions (upgrade only).

    See Bulkload the SPRDirect Catalog (Upgrade Only).

  3. (Optional) Edit the ReportSettings.txt configuration file to add any new labels, surface style rules, and aspects.

    See Edit the ReportSettings.txt Configuration File.

  4. Create and run the SPRDirect Report.

    See Create an SPRDirect Report.

You can generate SmartPlant Review files using 3D model data and SPRDirect. However, you can only publish these files to SmartPlant Foundation using 3D model data within Smart 3D. You cannot publish SPRDirect directly in an integrated environment. SPRDirect files must go through SmartPlant Interop Publisher to publish them to SmartPlant Foundation.