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Sets options for the style of drawings and reports.

If you access this tab after selecting multiple drawings, these fields will appear empty, regardless of the information defined for any of the drawings individually. Any information you add to this tab overrides the previously defined information in corresponding rows in the selected drawings.


Displays the name of the property.


Sets the current value of the property.


Specifies whether to inherit or override a property in the hierarchy of items in the Management Console. If the property is Inherited, the setting comes from items higher in the hierarchy. If the property is not read-only, you can provide a new, overriding value for the property by changing the behavior setting to Override. This new value then propagates to other items deeper in the hierarchy. If you set the behavior to Force Override, the property setting is forced to items deeper in the hierarchy, even if they are set to Inherit.


Coordinate System

Specifies the global or an active coordinate system. Choose a coordinate system from the list, or click More to choose another coordinate system with the Select System dialog.

To output large coordinates on your drawings, define a coordinate system using large negative coordinates. For example, if you want coordinates of 400,000 ft output on drawings, define a coordinate system origin of -400,000 ft and place your model elements close to global 0. Select the new coordinate system in the Coordinate System field on the Style tab. Additional information about defining coordinate systems is available in the Grids Help.

  • Labels in Composed Drawings can use the Coordinate System property. Alternatively, labels can use the Annotation Coordinate System property on the Drawing View Properties Dialog. See Drawing View Properties Dialog in the SmartSketch Drawing Editor Help.

  • If you are accessing the Properties Style tab for a 3D Model Data component or document with the intention of saving it as a SmartPlant Review (SPR) file, make sure this property is set appropriately so that the Plant Monument Coordinate Offset is passed correctly to SPR when creating the VUE file. This is because SPR shows the objects from the VUE file using global coordinates. The offset value allows you to see the original coordinates relative to the new SPR coordinate system. See 3D Model Data and Save as SmartPlant Review File.

Volume Naming Rule

Specifies the naming rule applied to the content of the drawing.

Place Label QAD

Specifies quick access dialogbar (QAD) that loads when you open a drawing. Customize a QAD using the Edit Place Label QAD Command.

Change Management

Enables and disables Change Management for Isogen isometric drawings. You can override the Smart 3D.Drawing Creation.Overivew.ChangeManagementEnabled setting in the isometric drawing style with this property. You can set the property to Enabled, Disabled, or Undefined. This property is only available when you are viewing properties for an Isometric piping isometric drawing.

Baseline Date

Specifies the date and time used by the Date Last Modified and Date Created asking filters to determine whether an object changed. The default baseline date and time is 01/01/1900 12:00:00 AM. If you change the default date to a date later than 01/01/1901, the software performs a full update when you update the drawing. In other words, the software does not perform a full update if you update the month and day, but leave the year set to 1900.

WBS Project

Specifies the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) project style to be used with the drawing. This property serves as the answer to an asking filter when specified in a View Style. For orthographic drawings, see Create a drawing using WBS objects. For isometric drawings, see Create an isometric from WBS items.

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