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The Repair Documents custom command updates invalid Styles.sha or Symbol Browser file paths on a document or a set of documents. Invalid file paths can occur when you change the symbol share. This causes overhead while editing, saving, or updating documents.

Click Tools > Custom Commands to add the command using the ProgID DwgRepairCmd.RepairDocuments.

Each time you use Repair Documents, the changes made to the component or document are saved in a log file. You can access the file at %TEMP%\Drawings. The log file name starts with "DwgRepairCmd_" as its prefix. A summary at the end of the log file lists all documents that the command could not repair.

Repair Documents Dialog

Component or Document

Specifies the component or document to repair.


Shows the repair options for the selected component or document.

Reset style resources

Resets the style resource files and to the Styles.sha file on the current symbols share.

Set symbol browser home

Sets the symbol browser home address. You can change this address by typing in a new address or by clicking More More and opening the file folder.