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Surface Style Rules and Aspects must be set on each 3D Model Data document before updating it using the Update Command, Update Now Command, or Batch Update Command.

  1. Select one or more 3D Model Data documents.

  2. Right-click the selected documents, and select the Properties Command on the shortcut menu to display the Properties Dialog.

  3. Go to the Surface Styles and Aspects tab to add surface style rules to the selected rules list. You can also import the surface styles used in the session file.

  4. Click Select Aspects to specify the aspects used within the 3D Model Data documents. If you select no aspects for your documents, the Simple Physical aspect is automatically applied by default. See Select Aspects Dialog.

  5. Click OK on the Properties Dialog to save the changes to the document(s).

Now you can update the drawing documents using the Update Now Command or Batch Update Command to incorporate the surface styles and aspects with the 3D Model Data.

Use a Search Folder to Collect 3D Model Data Documents for Property Update

You can create Search Folder Filters that filter for the 3D Model Data documents so you can edit their surface style rule and aspect settings collectively. When you set up the Search Folder, use a filter that looks for the SmartPlant Review Output objects. You could additionally specify properties on the output objects to further narrow the search criteria, such as Data Created, Date Last Modified, or Signature.