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Specifies the categories of objects, the feature type, and the component to which you want to add a ToolTip or label. This dialog box is available for multiple tasks.

In Common, you can access this dialog when you are specifying an object type for filter properties. You can also access this dialog box when you are editing labels for ToolTips.

When you are working with filter properties or labels, this dialog box opens after you click More in the Object type box on the Select Properties dialog. When you are working with ToolTips, the Select Object Type dialog opens after you click the browse button on the ToolTips tab on the Options dialog.

In the Drawings and Reports task, you can access this dialog box when you use the Edit Template Command on a report template to add properties to a filter query.

In the Project Management task, you can access this dialog box when you use the Configure Default Colors Command to add default style rules.

When the Select Object Type dialog opens, a tree view lists categories of objects available in the software. When you double-click an object, the view expands to show the available feature types. After you select a feature type, another level is available for some categories to show the component features you can select. For example, double-click HVAC, double-click HVAC Features, and then click HVAC Transition as the feature, and accept the dialog box.

If objects appear in italics, you cannot select that object on this dialog. The software uses your previous selections as the basis for this determination. Italicized text for objects in the Workspace Explorer indicates the objects are hidden with the Show/Hide options.