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Sets options for internal issues.

Issue Number

Specifies the drawing issue number. Type the required issue number for the drawing. When you have selected multiple drawings or a node in the Management Console, this field is not available to edit, as an issue number is created for each individual drawing, depending on its current revision history.


Specifies briefly the scope of the issue.

Issue Date

Specifies the date issued.

Issue Reason

Specifies the reason the document was issued. Select a value from Bid, Fabrication, Construction, Reference, and your customized values, if any are defined.

The values for Issue Reason can be customized by editing and bulkloading the DrawingIssueReason_Codelist.xls workbook is available from the PPM Smart Community. See Bulkload Files in the Drawings and Reports Reference Data.

Job Spec

Specifies the job specification for the issued document.

Revision Number

Specifies the revision number for this issue of the drawing.


If you access Properties on a single document when your model has not been registered using the SmartPlant Registration Wizard, the Issue tab displays previous entries. A new row is available to make a new entry. You can edit each field using alphanumeric and special characters. To delete the last issue record, select it and press DELETE.

If you access Properties on a folder when your model has not been registered using the SmartPlant Registration Wizard, the Issue tab has a single blank row for a new entry. With the exception of the Issue Number field, you can edit all the fields. Their values are propagated to the documents within the folder.


If your model is registered using the SmartPlant Registration Wizard and you have issued requests for the document, the Issue tab is read-only. The Issue information is retrieved for informational purposes only.

See Issue request documents when issuing requests for contracts when working in an integrated environment.