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With batch processing, you can make sure your documents are updated, printed, or refreshed without having to dedicate your workstation to the operation.

Batch Updating

Using Batch > Update, available on the Drawings Batch dialog, you instruct the software to update documents on a Batch Server while you continue to work on other tasks.

Before using Batch > Update for 3D Model Data documents, you must set the appropriate surface styles and aspects for the model data. See Set surface styles and aspects for 3D model data documents.

Batch Printing

Using the Batch > Print command available on the Drawings Batch dialog, you can schedule batch printing jobs as needed to free up valuable processing time.

Batch Refreshing

Using the Batch > Refresh command available on the Drawings Batch dialog, you can schedule batch refresh jobs for multiple drawing documents.

Managing Batch Jobs

Tools > Batch Management allows you to view your batch jobs and make changes. See Manage batch jobs.

Setting Up Batch Processing

Batch Server - The computer on which the batch process runs is called the Drawing Batch Server. The server must have Windows 2000 or Windows 7 and Smart 3D Workstation loaded. The computer designated as the batch server is usually one that is not being used to perform daily tasks, as the process of updating large numbers of documents and drawings can consume a great deal of the computer's resources. You can have one or more batch servers per site database. See Project Size Estimates and Drawing Batch Server in the Intergraph Smart 3D Installation Help.

To initially configure the Batch Server, you must be an administrator on that computer and have write permissions or better on the model, the SharedContent share, and any permission groups that access drawings.

Client - The workstations that send batch processes to the server are called clients.

  • If the Batch commands are not available on the shortcut menus for your documents, you are not configured to use batch processing

  • Most of the scheduling is stored on the Batch Server in the form of scheduled items in the Windows Task Scheduler. After models have been assigned to the Batch Server, new processes display in the Processes tab of the Task Manager dialog on that computer. The Batch Manager process indicates that at least one model can use this computer as a Batch Server. For each model selected on the Setup 3D Drawings Batch Server dialog, one Batch Server process displays in the list. If the Batch Manager or Batch Server processes are stopped, the computer does not process batch updates.

  • You can also have a Batch Tier process running for each of the selected models. This process is created when the Batch Server process finds a batch job and terminates automatically after the Batch Server has been inactive for a while.

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