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Displays the documents associated with a specific issue request and allows you to add documents to or remove documents from a request.

Selected documents

Displays a list of the documents selected for publishing. You must populate this list by selecting documents in the Management Console or the Detail View before you use the Publish Command. For each document, this list displays the name, the type of document, the workflow from which the document was last published, the revision and version numbers, the revision scheme, and the date when the document was last published.

Engineering Tool

Opens a dialog to select documents to add to the Selected documents list. This option is not supported in this release.

File System

Opens a standard Microsoft dialog that allows you to select documents to add to the Selected documents list. When you select a file with this Select File dialog, the Document Properties Dialog displays, allowing you to specify information about the file, such as whether it is a new file; the category, type, and subtype of the document; and the name, description, and title of the document.


Opens the Find Documents to Publish Dialog, which allows you to search for documents to add to the Selected documents list.

Issue to

Contains a list of all objects (contracts) that can support issue requests. When you select an item from this list, the names of any documents associated with that object display in the table.


Creates a new item in the table for any documents highlighted in the Selected documents tree view.


Deletes a selected document from the table.

Document Name

Displays the names of all documents associated with the object in the Issue to field.