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Saves the Management Console hierarchy from the selected component down. The package saves the setup information and any template definitions that exist on nodes within the selected hierarchy. You can access this command by right-clicking a folder or application component in the Management Console. You must have at least write permissions on the component to access the Save Package Command.

This command is not used in the normal workflow of creating drawings and reports. An administrator with write permissions to the SharedContent folders saves packages.

When a package is added back into the Management Console, it recreates the hierarchy that was saved with the package.

Packages are also used in the setup of a Drawings by Query Manager component for the creation of orthographic and Isogen isometric drawings.

Save Package Dialog

  • Output documents are not saved in a package.

  • If the topmost component saved in the package is a folder, then the package can be placed under the model root or a folder. If the topmost component saved in the package is an application component, then the package can only be placed under a folder.

  • When you place a package, the software adds all the components to the active permission group.

  • To save drawings or reports externally, see Save As Command.

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