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  1. Right-click a drawings-by-rule document.

  2. On the shortcut menu, select Batch > Update Command to update the document on the batch server now or create a schedule to run the batch job. Select Update to update locally. The icon for the out-of-date document changes to show it is updated .

  3. If the batch server is configured, the Schedule Wizard displays.

    Batch Schedule Wizard Common Tasks

  • When using the Batch > Update Command command and batch processing is configured for the selected document, the update is performed on the Batch Server. If batch processing is not configured, the command behaves the same as the Update command, performing a complete regeneration of the entire drawing on the local machine.

  • If you place drawing property labels on a template, generate a drawing, move the labels on the drawing, and then update the drawing, the software remembers the new position of the labels on the drawing.