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Specifies whether you want to submit a batch print job now or schedule it for later.


Specifies the printer to which the document will be submitted.

Number of copies

Indicates the number of copies of the document to print.

Pure black and white

Specifies that the document should be printed in pure black and white, with the software setting the color alterations based on colors used in the document.

Schedule the batch job

Specifies that you want to set a date and time for the batch job to run. Click Next to go to the next page of the wizard to continue scheduling the batch job. See Set Batch Job Frequency (Schedule Wizard). If you do not check this box, the document prints immediately to the selected printer.

If the document from which you accessed the Schedule Wizard already has batch jobs scheduled, the Schedule the batch job option is the default selection. When you click Next, you can either create a new batch job for the document or edit an existing one. You can also delete an existing batch job. See Update an Existing Batch Job (Schedule Wizard).

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