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Specifies the columns you want to see in the Detail View. You also can specify the order and width of the columns. You access this dialog when you right-click in the column heading area of the Detail View and select More on the shortcut menu.

Move Up

Moves the selected column up one position. The column displays one position to the left in the Detail View.

Move Down

Moves the selected column down one position. The column displays one position to the right in the Detail View.


Displays the column in the Detail View.


Hides the column in the Detail View.

In addition to the Show and Hide commands, you can use the checkboxes beside the column names to add and remove them from the Detail View. Checked indicates that the column displays in the Detail View.

Width of selected column

Specifies the width of the column in pixels. You can specify a different column width for each column.

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